Fondo Blanco


"Je suis de ceux qui pensent, et pour moi ceci est très important, que nous, les humains, sommes de quelque part. L’idéal est que nous soyons de quelque part, que nous ayons nos racines quelque part, mais que nos bras parviennent à embrasser le monde entier, que les idées de n’importe quelle culture nous soient profitables.Tous les endroits sont parfaits pour celui qui sait s’y adapter, et moi, ici, dans mon Pays Basque, je me sens à ma place, comme un arbre adapté à son territoire, sur son terrain, mais dont les bras s’ouvrent au monde entier. J’essaie d’accomplir l’oeuvre d’un homme, la mienne, parce que je suis moi, et puisque je suis d’ici, cette oeuvre aura des nuances particulières, une lumière noire, qui est la nôtre." Eduardo Chillida


The Chillida-Leku Museum has requested a temporary labor force adjustment plan and has agreed to close the museum starting on January 1, 2011. This decision is attributed to the recurring deficit that, along with practically all art museums, the museum has had to endure due to the general economic crisis which has risen to a level unsustainable for the private institution.


Since their opening in 2000, and after seventeen years of planning, 810,000 people have visited the museum. This makes Chillida-Leku Guipúzcoa´s leading art museum in regards to the number of visitors and places it, according to surveys, among the top four museums in the Basque Country. For all of these reasons, the organization would like to express its sincere appreciation to all of those who have visited Chillida-Leku over the years.


The organization will continue all of its independent operations, such as the preservation of artistic heritage and employing national and international exhibitions, among other things.


The museum will remain open to an agreement that respects the conditions that it considers vital to its continuity as defined by Eduardo Chillida and Pilar Belzunce, its creators.