Education Lab

Education Lab - Phyllida Barlow

On the occasion of Phyllida Barlow's exhibition, the museum's first Education Lab is being set up. Education Lab is a learning space, a mediation tool between the artist, her work and the public. Thanks to a collaboration agreement between the museum and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Basque Country, six sculpture students will create a structure inspired by the work of Phyllida Barlow. This space will allow visitors to experience and approach the British sculptor's work process, marked by the use of waste materials or materials used in construction that she found easily and which allowed her to execute her work more quickly and effectively.  Pieces of wood, plaster, cement and fabrics will make up this structure, which can be intervened by the public. In this way, the Education Lab will also become a collective work that will transform and mutate thanks to the intervention of visitors, which also gives it an emotional charge and added value as a collective work created in a collaborative manner. Phyllida Barlow's Education Lab is in the picnic area of the museum.


Pep Boadas i Prats
Joey Manuel Ordóñez Requena
Aitana Rodríguez Albalejo
Irati Fernández Sáez de Viterti
Jon Triguero Miguel
Aitziber Raya Puertas


With the collaboration of the teachers: José María Herrera and Nerea Legarreta