Lurra Cafe

Lurra Café is the product of a partnership between Chillida Leku and Orona Fundazioa. The project first originated from the idea of providing healthy and sustainable food for the employees and visitors of Orona and evolved to become an active agent in the local economy, championing the values of social and environmental responsibility.  This philosophy is shared by Chillida Leku and Lurra, which are located just one kilometre away from Orona.

Lead by local chef Fede Pacha, Lurra offers a menu that is constantly updated based on seasonal and locally available produce. Breakfast and “pintxos” are available in the mornings, light lunches and heavier meals are also available throughout the day along with a curated selection of drinks and cocktails. This project finds its pillars in the local farmers’ work- agriculture and cattle – and it is based on the use of produce grown within a 200 kilometre radius around Hernani.

This is how, “Lurra” (“land”, in Basque) makes reference in its name and menu to its deep connection to its surroundings, a core principle in Eduardo Chillida’s work, who chose Chillida Leku as a home for his works – a “place” (in Basque, “leku”) – where future generations could discover and experience his art in an incomparable setting.

During the coming months Lurra Cafe will only offer catefeteria service. For reservations or additional information, please, contact Lurra Cafe. 

T. +34 689 557 205