Eduardo Chillida, Echoes

The title refers to Oyarak (Echoes, in Basque), the name of an iron sculpture that came into being in 1954 in the Manuel Illarramendi forge in Hernani, and which is on show on the ground floor of the country house.

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Echoes also alludes to the audio qualities of the sculptor’s work. His sculptures, particularly those from the early years, have a direct relationship with music and, in their own way, emit “sounds” that reverberate through space. During this new chapter in the museum, Eduardo Chillida, Echoes connects with the origin of everything; with the place, the land and the past. It revisits the work of an artist whose influence reaches into the future.


This exhibition has been extended until march 2020

Zabalaga country house

Jauregi Bailara, 66

20120 Hernani, Gipuzkoa

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