Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow

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Chillida Leku opened its doors to an exhibition of works by artist Phyllida Barlow (United Kingdom, 1944 - 2023), her first in Spain. This new exhibition continues a series featuring the work of internationally renowned artists, which has included solo exhibitions by Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró held at the museum in recent years. 


Phyllida Barlow visited Chillida Leku in the autumn of last year to work on the exhibition she created for the museum.

Barlow’s “anti-monumental” sculptures are made using materials such as cardboard, fabric, plywood and cement. These constructions —often painted in vibrant colours— connect with some of the core concepts of Chillida’s work, such as gravity, mass and materiality. In addition, Barlow reveals the process of making through the clues she intentionally leaves visible to the viewer.

Recognised as one of the most internationally renowned artists, Barlow’s work questions the traditional concept of sculpture.
One of the constants in Chillida’s career was the creation of spatial narratives in the landscapes and buildings where his work was shown. Similarly for Barlow, space played a very important role in her work, as did the elements she placed within it. In this way, the artist studied the parameters of buildings in order to create unforeseen obstacles that gave her sculptures a dramatic presence.

Chillida Leku
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Phyllida Barlow

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