The garden

The 11-hectare Chillida Leku garden is home to more than 40 monumental sculptures. The carefully arranged works converse with nature as well as with one another. There are two distinct areas in the external part of the museum.

On one side are the open fields, which in the early days of the country house, would have been used as sheep pasture. Behind the country house is the most densely wooded area. Here, the sculptures are encircled by the trees and truly part of the forest.

“The sculpture should always stand and be counted; aware of everything that moves around it and brings it to life.”

Eduardo Chillida

Visitors can touch the sculptures in the garden to get a sense of the different textures, and since some of the sculptures have spaces inside them, they can even explore and experience them from within. The pieces can be walked around and contemplated from a variety of viewpoints.