The garden

The 11-hectare Chillida Leku garden is the home of more than 40 monumental sculptures. The carefully arranged works converse with nature as well as with one another. There are two distinct zones in the external part of the museum. 

On one side are open fields, which in the early days of the country house, would have been used as a pasture.

Behind the country house is a wooded area, where the sculptures are truly part of the forest. Visitors can touch the sculptures in the garden to get a sense of the different textures, and since some of the sculptures have spaces inside them, they can also explore and experience them from within.

“The sculpture should always stand and be counted; aware of everything that moves around it and brings it to life.”

Eduardo Chillida

The outdoor area of the museum mainly contains works in steel and granite—materials that are highly resistant to erosion and suited to the local climate. Chillida used Corten steel for his large-scale sculptures. For his stone works, he opted for pink granite from India.

Chillida worked with series or “families” of sculptures, each one marked by a recurring theme from his artistic career, whether space, matter, limit or void. The sculptures from a particular series share similar characteristics; each delves deeper into the same unanswered question, yet is distinct and therefore unique.