The Chillida Leku Education Department brings visitors closer to the work of Eduardo Chillida and to the museum programme. Staying true to the artist’s philosophy that “art is not taught”, the museum's tours and activities offer a direct experience of Chillida's artworks based on observation, experimentation, reflection and action.

The Education Department approaches the museum as a meeting place—an open and welcoming place that facilitates an exchange of knowledge and experiences. It is an active space that generates learning processes which are adapted to the needs of its users. 

"No acepto la relación maestro-discípulo en el campo del arte. El arte se aprende, pero no se enseña. Éste es el punto crucial, la diferencia fundamental entre ciencia y arte. La ciencia se puede enseñar. En astronomía, Galileo refuta a Ptolomeo y Einstein impugnó a Galileo; pero Picasso nunca refutó a Goya o a Botticelli. Cada obra de arte se sitúa ante lo desconocido. Los discípulos de Leonardo sabían pintar y dibujar casi como él, pero Leonardo interrogaba a lo desconocido y sus discípulos interrogaban a Leonardo."

Eduardo Chillida

Our varied programme of tours allows different levels of engagement with the artworks, in line with the work and philosophy of Eduardo Chillida himself. 

The Education Department also creates partnerships with local communities, schools and institutions. The museum responds to the needs of the education community and is open to the possibility of setting up collaborative projects which both facilitate greater dissemination of the work and philosophy of Eduardo Chillida, and enable a deeper understanding of his work.