Meeting place IV

Meeting place IV visits Chillida Leku

As an extension of the Gravity Zero exhibition, the museum will temporarily house Meeting Place IV, a work by Chillida belonging to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. The suspended sculpture weighing 13,5 tonnes will be supported by a new structure designed for Chillida Leku.

This large suspended sculpture, made between 1973 and 1974 in reinforced concrete, is part of a series of seven works, most of them on a monumental scale and conceived to be exhibited in public places.

For the execution of the project, Chillida Leku has had the support of the Department of Culture of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. 
To create the structure, a collaboration project has been carried out with the industrial environment of the Basque Country, creating working groups to tackle the technical and artistic challenges of the project. Tecnalia - the largest research and technological development centre in Spain - has designed the structure, adapting it to the conditions of the terrain; and Loire Gestamp has provided support for the execution and installation of the structure. The project has also been possible thanks to the close collaboration with industrial companies in the territory: Langoitia, Grúas Goiherri, Construcciones Iturrioz, Embalan3, Transbillasante, Pinturas Alkorta and Bezabala.