Eduardo Chillida, Ecos

Within the Zabalaga country house is an exhibit dedicated to the Peine del viento [Comb of the Wind] series, one of the artist’s most emblematic bodies of work. Room five of the museum contains 10 sculptures from the series (which consists of 23 works in total). The central piece of the series is the Peine del viento XV, a public monument installed in front of the sea against the foothills of the city of San Sebastián, where the rocks meet the horizon. This sculpture series was a constant throughout Chillida's entire artistic career from 1952 onward—the year he created his first  Peine [comb] and dreamed of installing a sculpture against the horizon. 

Working in series and exploring themes through repetition were intrinsic to Chillida’s art. However, the theme underpinning the Peine del viento had the greatest presence throughout his body of work and spanned the greatest time period. He created his last Peine in 1999. The exhibit reveals the variations that took place throughout the series. The Peine del viento was conceived as an homage to his birthplace and has become an overwhelmingly important symbol of the city. These three steel works defy the elements and converse with the surrounding environment, marking the precipice of the unknown as well as a meeting place.