Zabalaga country house

“I will do it without setting a deadline. I’ve started the work, but this magnificent country house will not be a museum, rather the sign that I’m from there. I don’t want to reconstruct it. I want to leave it stable and secure, as it already is, and to give it a contemporary structure within: both past and present will be visible.”

Eduardo Chillida

The sculptor maintained the traditional identity of the country house in the restoration works. Outside, the country house retains its traditional appearance. Its mixed walls alternate masonry with ashlar. The latter, in particular, is used around the bays. Two triangular buttresses have also been preserved at both sides of the south facade. The building retains the wooden structural framework and the original Zabalaga family coat of arms, which is carved into the north facade.

Chillida approached the building restoration as though it were a sculpture. It was a long process, governed by freedom of action and by a double purpose: to introduce space inside the building and to preserve its identity.


Eduardo Chillida se enfrentó a la rehabilitación del edificio como si de una escultura se tratara. El proceso fue largo, dominado por la libertad de actuación y por un doble propósito: introducir espacio en su interior y preservar su identidad.