Zabalaga country house

“I will do it without setting a deadline. I’ve started the work, but this magnificent country house will not be a museum, but rather the sign that I’m from there. I don’t want to reconstruct it. I want to leave it stable and secure, as it already is, and to give it a contemporary structure within: both past and present will be visible.”

Eduardo Chillida

Outside, the country house retains its traditional appearance and the Zabalaga family’s coat of arms. Inside, it has been hollowed out, as though it were a sculpture. Past and present converge in the building. The restoration enabled the original structure to be showcased, yet also turned the building into a contemporary work that condenses the artist’s philosophy. Chillida brought space to the inside of the building, bringing the invisible to light. The country house contains smaller works in more delicate materials, such as alabaster, chamotte clay and paper.